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I am happy to announce that Blood Song Books have accepted three of my 100-word drabbles into CURSES & CAULDRONS.

The accepted pieces are titled TO TAME THE SEA, THE MESSENGERS and FOR SEEKERS OF THE LOST and I can't wait to share them with you!

Just follow the link

MONSTERS now available.


On the 20th of August the MONSTERS come out to play!
Black Hare Press are launching their new microfiction horror anthology, MONSTERS, which features five of my 100-word stories, and stories written by some really authors too!

To get yourself a copy, here's the link

Zodiac Series Update


I'm excited to share the covers of CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS and PISCES, anthologies of speculative fiction put together by the folk at Aussie Speculative Fiction. 

Each features one of my short stories, and I'm working hard on pieces for Taurus and Aries right now!  I hope I get in those collections too!




Alone, I cross the threshold of my domain. The gore-filled nightmares, the blood-spattered cities, the chasms of death and darkness can no longer reach me.

The beasts; six legged demons, tri-horned manticores, fierce darguleh, all slain. And not just the beasts.

I remove my dented helmet, my bloody armour. I run cool water over my face, washing chunks of flesh and dirt from my beard. My body ached with exhaustion, with fatigue, with loss. But I am home. 

For another day, or another season, or a span of seven moons, who knows when I'll need to sate my blade again?

FFA is Available Now!


The undead buccaneers at Zombie Pirate Publishing have launched FLASH FICTION ADDICTION!  101 short short stories from authors all over the globe, including my piece, 'HAROLD'S LAST DAY'.

Order your copy here:

My first published story!


My short story 'THE TEACUP' was accepted into the BEGINNINGS anthology by Aussie Speculative Fiction.

It is an Alternative History story about a electrician in a small German town who drinks a cup of tea that changes his life.

The anthology is currently available on this website, just scroll down! You can also buy it as an e-book from Amazon.


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BEGINNINGS is an anthology featuring sixteen unique speculative fiction stories by sixteen exciting Australian authors including Alanah Andrews, Lachlan Walter, Maureen Flynn, Austin P. Sheehan and Stephen Herczeg. 

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