My Editing Services

“From content to copy, Austin has helped my stories shine.”

Nikky Lee, award-winning author of The Rarkyn’s Familiar

Over the past five years, I’ve been an editor for the indie publisher Deadset Press, working on developmental edits, line edits and copy edits for short stories and novellas. Several stories that I’ve edited have won or been shortlisted for awards, including The Jindabyne Secret by Jo Hart (winner of the 2019 Best Young Adult Short Story Aurealis Award) and Phoenix Pharmaceuticals by Jessica Nelson-Tyers (winner of the 2020 Best Horror Short Story Aurealis Award).

Editing Services Available

Comprehensive Manuscript Overview

A thorough report of your manuscript, focusing on plot, pacing and character, commenting on what works and doesn’t work, and suggesting ways to improve it.

Novellas from $250
Novels from $400

Comprehensive Short Story

Helping with big-picture issues (plot, character, voice), looking for over-used phrases, clarifying your story, and helping with grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Short Stories from $25

Developmental Editing

Looking at the big picture of your story, helping you with the plot, the pacing and the perspective, and with the characters and their unique voices and drives.

Novellas from $400
Novels from $600


Looking at your style. Helping you keep your unique voice, while helping with over-used words and phrases, confusing passages, and making your writing clear.

Novellas from $500
Novels from $700


Helping you with grammar, punctuation, spelling and the more technical aspects of the craft.

Novellas from $600
Novels from $800

All prices are AUD.

“Austin has a great eye for how fiction reads best. His editing always makes my writing better.”

Clare Rhoden, author of The Chronicles of the Pale 

“Austin has been instrumental in improving my stories. His intimate knowledge of both the art and mechanics of language, paired with his gentle and fair scrutiny, has not only lifted the standard of my previous writing, but given me a little editor in my head that helps me with future projects. Austin ensures that the intention of my prose is what is communicated on the page, and that is invaluable to me and my work.”

Helena McAuley, author of This Is The Dawning

If you need a fiction editor, contact me with the below form and let me know what editing services you are interested in, and the genre and word length of your story.

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