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I guess you’re wondering why an author would name their blog ‘The Perils of German Cuisine.’ And it’s a good question.  

My mum and her family escaped from soviet East Germany and, as refugees, found their way to Australia.  Exploring my German roots and connecting with German culture is something that’s important to me, and what better way to do that than through food? When my wife and I travelled the length and breadth of Germany, from Dusseldorf to Dresden, Hamburg to Oberstdorf, I really enjoyed the German food in all it’s wonderful varieties, and, of course, the beer.  I am hoping to teach myself how to cook one or two German dishes through the course of this adventure too!If you think that isn’t very perilous, you haven’t seen me cook.  And, of course, life is perilous. 

If I survive long enough (and if this blog survives, let’s be honest) I will regale you with stories of my brushes with death.  So we’ve got that to look forward to.

Currently I have a short story ‘The Teacup’ available in Aussie Speculative Fiction’s ‘BEGINNINGS’ anthology – available on Amazon. Another short story will be released in Zombie Pirate Publishing’s ‘FLASH FICTION ADDICTION’ soon, I will let you know when that’s available.

In the meantime, two other short stories have been submitted for other collections, so I’m hoping for good news! Come back regularly for more blog posts and updates!

  • Originally published December 2018

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