The Story of DROWNED EARTH: Submerged City

Over the weekend my debut novella SUBMERGED CITY was launched. That’s super-exciting for me, and I am ecstatic with all the wonderful support that the story has received. Today I’d like to share with you all a little bit behind the story and how it all came to be, because it wasn’t the typical write,Continue reading “The Story of DROWNED EARTH: Submerged City”

Drowned Earth Update

Right now I’m up to my neck going through edits of my novella SUBMERGED CITY which is part of Aussie Speculative Fiction’s Drowned Earth series. “So what is Drowned Earth?” You’re thinking. “Sounds wet.” You’d be right. After the ASF brains trust published BEGINNINGS, their first anthology, they decided they wanted to do something different.Continue reading “Drowned Earth Update”