Horror Book and Movie Recommendations

It’s October, and for some of us this means the Christmas countdown has begun. For others, this means one thing. Halloween. No matter what October means for you, it is an excellent time of year to enjoy horror books and movies. There is something very ominous about the month. The constant hum of lawnmowers acrossContinue reading “Horror Book and Movie Recommendations”

A Year of Darkness and Loss

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything to this blog. What had started as a year of hope and opportunity has turned into a catastrophe. I want to say it all started with the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25th, but it didn’t. He wasn’t the first unarmed blackContinue reading “A Year of Darkness and Loss”

My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part 2)

With many people are stuck at home and quite possibly in need of new reading material, it’s probably a good time to talk about my favourite books out of everything I read last year. There’s no better place to escape to than the worlds within a good book, so here’s my Top 10 countdown. IContinue reading “My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part 2)”


Firstly, I’d like to draw attention to this awesome, distinctive cover. Kopievsky’s RESISTANCE, book one in The Divided Elements series, is a wonderful debut novel. In this story, the post-apocalyptic world is inhabited by fire, water, earth and air elementals. Every person is aligned to an element, which dictates their roles in society, how theyContinue reading “Book Review: RESISTANCE”

My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part One)

Since many people are stuck inside right now, it’s a good time to share this blog about my favourite reads from 2019. There’s no better place to escape to than the worlds within a good book, so here’s books 20 – 11 out of my favourites from last year. Hopefully some of you will beContinue reading “My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part One)”


THE GIFTS OF FATE by David T. Myers is an engaging urban fantasy / magical realism story set in Sydney. And honestly, that was enough to draw me in.  As much as I love sci-fi and fantasy that takes me to different worlds, I always love a story that’s set in places I know, butContinue reading “Book Review: THE GIFTS OF FATE”

Trading One Hell For Another

My wife and I are looking at selling our home and moving out to somewhere that closely resembles the country. We’re at the stage of prettying up our home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. And you know what? It is very much like editing a manuscript. Furniture that doesn’t belong? Delete it.Continue reading “Trading One Hell For Another”


For my first book review of the year, I thought I would do the book that started it for me, BEGINNINGS. This anthology features one of the first short stories I ever wrote, and was the first time I had anything published, so it’s pretty special to me. The thing I love most about thisContinue reading “Book Review: BEGINNINGS”