Welcome to my review of FOUR DEAD QUEENS by Astrid Scholte. FOUR DEAD QUEENS. It’s the story of a young thief. It’s the story of Quadaria. The dipper, Keralie, steals a case containing valuable memory chips, a Eonist technology where people can give their memories to another. At gunpoint, caught in a trap between herContinue reading “Book Review: FOUR DEAD QUEENS”


Alan Baxter’s DEVOURING DARK is a riveting tale of crime, guilt, death and punishment, set in London’s urban sprawl.  Matt McLeod is a Scot who works in a factory, and his small guilt-wracked body contains a darkness, the power of death itself. He can choose to kill with a touch, and is on a pathContinue reading “Book Review: DEVOURING DARK”


Continuing my quest to celebrate the work of Australian speculative fiction authors, I’ve read and reviewed WHAT THE WOODS KEEP by Katya De Becerra. Katya has lived in Russia, America and Peru before migrating to Australia and studying cultural anthropology. Her love of science and anthropological studies are apparent throughout this novel, which added aContinue reading “Book Review: WHAT THE WOODS KEEP”

Book Review: EVE OF ERIDU

I’m all about celebrating Speculative Fiction written by Australian authors. What better way to that, to support and promote their excellent books, than to review them? Here’s my first book, EVE OF ERIDU by Alanah Andrews. But first, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Alanah’s from New Zealand.  But like PharContinue reading “Book Review: EVE OF ERIDU”