Book Review: Social Media Central

So it’s been a while.With the global pandemic and everyone’s lives being thrown upside down with lockdowns, stress and anxiety, I have honestly not been able to pick up a book since the pandemic started. But recently I’ve been able to find the time to get back into reading, and have finished SOCIAL MEDIA CENTRAL,Continue reading “Book Review: Social Media Central”


Firstly, I’d like to draw attention to this awesome, distinctive cover. Kopievsky’s RESISTANCE, book one in The Divided Elements series, is a wonderful debut novel. In this story, the post-apocalyptic world is inhabited by fire, water, earth and air elementals. Every person is aligned to an element, which dictates their roles in society, how theyContinue reading “Book Review: RESISTANCE”


THE GIFTS OF FATE by David T. Myers is an engaging urban fantasy / magical realism story set in Sydney. And honestly, that was enough to draw me in.  As much as I love sci-fi and fantasy that takes me to different worlds, I always love a story that’s set in places I know, butContinue reading “Book Review: THE GIFTS OF FATE”


For my first book review of the year, I thought I would do the book that started it for me, BEGINNINGS. This anthology features one of the first short stories I ever wrote, and was the first time I had anything published, so it’s pretty special to me. The thing I love most about thisContinue reading “Book Review: BEGINNINGS”


It’s been a really busy last few weeks, with three releases being launched in three weeks; my debut novella ‘SUBMERGED CITY’, ‘A BOND OF WORDS’ by Scout Media, the ‘JOURNEYS’ anthology by Deadset Press, and the first of Aussie Speculative Fiction’s Zodiac series, ‘CAPRICORN’. But today I want to talk about BENEATH THE SURFACE byContinue reading “Book Review: BENEATH THE SURFACE”

Book Review: THE RISE

Welcome to my book review of THE RISE, by Sue-Ellen Pashley. This is the first book in the Drowned Earth series of standalone Cli-Fi novellas published by Deadset Press – and what a way to open the series! Right from the start, Pashley’s vivid descriptions draw the reader into Katie James’ flooded world. Katie andContinue reading “Book Review: THE RISE”


Rohsaan McInnes’ THE QUADRANTS is a really engaging YA Magical Realism story. It focuses on three teenagers, Rohan, Eve and Titus, who are classmates in an ordinary suburban school. Rohan and Eve are social outcasts and really only have each other as friends, and Titus is a muscle-bound thug, constantly mocking and bullying Titus. SoonContinue reading “Book Review: THE QUADRANTS”


Carleton Chinner’s debut novel ‘THE HILLS OF MARE IMBRIUM’ has very recently been re-released with a new cover and title, ‘THE HILLS OF THE MOON.’ Jonah is on a mission to spread his brother’s ashes on the moon’s surface and if he can, he’d like to get a job working the Helium mines from Chang’eContinue reading “Book Review: THE HILLS OF THE MOON”