My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part 2)

With many people are stuck at home and quite possibly in need of new reading material, it’s probably a good time to talk about my favourite books out of everything I read last year. There’s no better place to escape to than the worlds within a good book, so here’s my Top 10 countdown. IContinue reading “My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part 2)”


Welcome to my review of FOUR DEAD QUEENS by Astrid Scholte. FOUR DEAD QUEENS. It’s the story of a young thief. It’s the story of Quadaria. The dipper, Keralie, steals a case containing valuable memory chips, a Eonist technology where people can give their memories to another. At gunpoint, caught in a trap between herContinue reading “Book Review: FOUR DEAD QUEENS”