Carleton Chinner’s debut novel ‘THE HILLS OF MARE IMBRIUM’ has very recently been re-released with a new cover and title, ‘THE HILLS OF THE MOON.’ Jonah is on a mission to spread his brother’s ashes on the moon’s surface and if he can, he’d like to get a job working the Helium mines from Chang’eContinue reading “Book Review: THE HILLS OF THE MOON”

My Twenty Favourite Books from 2018 (Part Two)

Welcome to Part Two of My Favourite Reads of 2018 (You can catch up on part One here). This is the Top Ten – the books I loved the most out of everything I read in 2018! 10 WAKE IN FRIGHT – Kenneth Cook, 1961.Kenneth Cook’s 1961 novel WAKE IN FRIGHT is a wonderful andContinue reading “My Twenty Favourite Books from 2018 (Part Two)”


Welcome to my review of FOUR DEAD QUEENS by Astrid Scholte. FOUR DEAD QUEENS. It’s the story of a young thief. It’s the story of Quadaria. The dipper, Keralie, steals a case containing valuable memory chips, a Eonist technology where people can give their memories to another. At gunpoint, caught in a trap between herContinue reading “Book Review: FOUR DEAD QUEENS”

My Twenty Favourite Books from 2018 (Part One)

In 2017 I read 52 books as part of the Popsugar Reading Challenge, and shared my top twenty here (part one) and here (part two). If you read through, you might notice the majority of those books are over twenty years old and were written by white men. Since then, I’ve been challenging myself toContinue reading “My Twenty Favourite Books from 2018 (Part One)”


Alan Baxter’s DEVOURING DARK is a riveting tale of crime, guilt, death and punishment, set in London’s urban sprawl.  Matt McLeod is a Scot who works in a factory, and his small guilt-wracked body contains a darkness, the power of death itself. He can choose to kill with a touch, and is on a pathContinue reading “Book Review: DEVOURING DARK”

Supanova Melbourne 2019

I was lucky enough to represent the Aussie Speculative Fiction group at Melbourne’s 2019 Supanova, a fan convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy film and TV, comic books, anime, gaming and collectables. Alongside my esteemed ASF colleagues Matthew P. Copping, V. E. Patton, Alanah Andrews and Rohsaan McInnes, I signed books, talked to aContinue reading “Supanova Melbourne 2019”

My Twenty Favourite Books from 2017 (Part Two)

I recently posted about the 52 books I read in 2017, and am sharing with you my Top 20 books from that year. The following four books I really enjoyed, and rated 4 out of 5. THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND – Endō (1964).Wow. This is a really sad yet beautiful novel. A salesman (Yoshioka)Continue reading “My Twenty Favourite Books from 2017 (Part Two)”