Welcome to 2020. Here’s How You Can Help

It’s not been a good start to the year. Fires are raging across the continent, countless communities are under threat, and the death toll continues to rise. We watch on in despair and in frustration. Our government was told this would happen – and not in vague, uncertain terms either – and their response hasContinue reading “Welcome to 2020. Here’s How You Can Help”


It’s been a really busy last few weeks, with three releases being launched in three weeks; my debut novella ‘SUBMERGED CITY’, ‘A BOND OF WORDS’ by Scout Media, the ‘JOURNEYS’ anthology by Deadset Press, and the first of Aussie Speculative Fiction’s Zodiac series, ‘CAPRICORN’. But today I want to talk about BENEATH THE SURFACE byContinue reading “Book Review: BENEATH THE SURFACE”

The Story of DROWNED EARTH: Submerged City

Over the weekend my debut novella SUBMERGED CITY was launched. That’s super-exciting for me, and I am ecstatic with all the wonderful support that the story has received. Today I’d like to share with you all a little bit behind the story and how it all came to be, because it wasn’t the typical write,Continue reading “The Story of DROWNED EARTH: Submerged City”

Book Review: THE RISE

Welcome to my book review of THE RISE, by Sue-Ellen Pashley. This is the first book in the Drowned Earth series of standalone Cli-Fi novellas published by Deadset Press – and what a way to open the series! Right from the start, Pashley’s vivid descriptions draw the reader into Katie James’ flooded world. Katie andContinue reading “Book Review: THE RISE”


Rohsaan McInnes’ THE QUADRANTS is a really engaging YA Magical Realism story. It focuses on three teenagers, Rohan, Eve and Titus, who are classmates in an ordinary suburban school. Rohan and Eve are social outcasts and really only have each other as friends, and Titus is a muscle-bound thug, constantly mocking and bullying Titus. SoonContinue reading “Book Review: THE QUADRANTS”

New Releases Incoming

We are fast approaching the end of the year and there is an awful lot happening, so much that I’ve almost forgot to tell people about some new releases that feature my stories! ISOLATION is this year’s Halloween horror anthology by the good people at Fantasia Divinity, full of tales of grisly and psychologically damagingContinue reading “New Releases Incoming”

Drowned Earth Update

Right now I’m up to my neck going through edits of my novella SUBMERGED CITY which is part of Aussie Speculative Fiction’s Drowned Earth series. “So what is Drowned Earth?” You’re thinking. “Sounds wet.” You’d be right. After the ASF brains trust published BEGINNINGS, their first anthology, they decided they wanted to do something different.Continue reading “Drowned Earth Update”