My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part 2)

With many people are stuck at home and quite possibly in need of new reading material, it’s probably a good time to talk about my favourite books out of everything I read last year. There’s no better place to escape to than the worlds within a good book, so here’s my Top 10 countdown. IContinue reading “My Twenty Favourite Books from 2019 (Part 2)”


It’s been a really busy last few weeks, with three releases being launched in three weeks; my debut novella ‘SUBMERGED CITY’, ‘A BOND OF WORDS’ by Scout Media, the ‘JOURNEYS’ anthology by Deadset Press, and the first of Aussie Speculative Fiction’s Zodiac series, ‘CAPRICORN’. But today I want to talk about BENEATH THE SURFACE byContinue reading “Book Review: BENEATH THE SURFACE”